Fold Acoustical Suspension

The Fold is a pendant lamp that is both a professional light source and a high sound-absorbing acoustic panel. The lamp is equipped with a powerful and energy-efficient linear light fitting. It is only 28 mm (1.1″) wide and incorporates an additional dark optic shutter. The professional quality of the light makes it perfect for office spaces. The high acoustic performance of the lamp makes it an ideal match for demanding spaces. It creates optimal working conditions when hung above a desk in an open office-type space.

The Fold is made from ecoPET – synthetic felt panels manufactured from recycled PET bottles. ecoPET is non-flammable and is characterized by high durability and easy maintenance. It is created from recycled material and is possible to be recycled again. The product is long-lasting and maintenance-free. It is shipped in a compact box that is plastic-free and fully recyclable.