Linear-O is a minimalist pendant luminaire that fascinates its straightforward geometric design, which exudes a simple and distinctive appearance. This technically sophisticated decorative lighting invites users to realize impressive light installations creatively and showcases a surprising filigree contour. Allowing for appealing light installations, Linear-O offers ingenious mounting options such as a single pendant luminaire over the reception desk or a decorative set of luminaires hung at different heights and different angles of inclination. With its small diameter of 30 mm (1.18″), the LED lamp showcases an exceptionally slim appearance. The end caps have a slightly concave curve that discreetly surrounds the power cord, which emphasizes the floating character of this lightweight pendant luminaire. The diffuser achieves a uniform light distribution and is available in three output levels and color temperatures.

Linear-O in Dark light stands out due to its straightforward and modern appearance, and the curved end caps enhance the floating character of the lightweight pendant luminaire. When 6 ft long, it surprises with a filigree contour that measures only 30 mm (1.18″). The luminaire is equipped with innovative, high-performance advanced optics lens technology to achieve outstanding lighting quality in the workplace. The lenses perform a uniform light distribution and are available in three output levels and color temperatures. The luminaire has interchangeable black, white, and silver lenses.