K3™ Power

A new light for contemporary architecture. K3 Power comes with a wide range of parabolic reflectors designed on the base of a dedicated optical project and produces interesting light efficiency, until 69%. A good match for an architectural wall-washer. Three bodies are available with 1/2/4 windows suitable to 20° or 50° angle beam. The construction is in primary die-cast Aluminium or with AISI 316L Stainless steel structure. The external surface is at the same level – cube, frame and milled glass – in order to avoid stagnant water on the top side. Suitable to any installation surface – wall, floor and ceiling – it is absolutely waterproof and can be oriented in any direction – up, down, 45°. Available in four light sources: 20W and 35W metal halide, one or two 9.5W power LED and also the simple E27 for a normal energy saving lamp.